Address: 1-7-12 Marunouchi Chiyoda Tokyo Japan 100-0005
  • buffet breakfast at Tokyo Station restaurant
  • Tokyo hotel's restaurant overlooking city view

Buffet Breakfast

The TENQOO Premium Breakfast

A Japanese-style buffet breakfast unique to TENQOO that you can get at Tokyo Station. We offer a wide variety of dining options which allows guests to enjoy great food and atmosphere. Sauces and dressings are provided to add flavor to the original taste of our freshly-prepared ingredients. As Tokyo is the center of Japan in regard to food, we order the best ingredients from all over the country according to the season. Enjoy a fine view of the morning from 120 meters above the ground.

【Time】 6:00am - 10:00am

【Price】 Adults JPY 2,800 / Child (4-12 years old) JPY 1,300

Chef's menu "My Chazuke"

About 15 kinds of ingredients have been chosen by chefs from all over Japan and about 5 different kinds of toppings are prepared, to be put on rice according to your preference. If you apply Hojicha or Japanese style soup you can create your own taste which we call "My Chazuke". Since ingredients and toppings change according to the season, you can experience new tastes each time you visit.

【About equipment】Hokkaido Salmon roe, Hakata Mentaiko, Akita's Potato Pigs, Kyoto's Chirimen Sansho, Tokyo's Aomi Tsukudani, and other ingredients representing the land are prepared as ingredients.

【About topping】We prepare topping with scents, such as Grated radish, ginger, small onion, white sesame, fish sauce of sea bream.

The original taste unique to French restaurants.

Tokyo breakfast prepared using French techniques

Tokyo hotel International buffet breakfast

We prepare "French mushrooms cream sauce", "Chili kongan sauce", "Voronez sauce", etc. using authentic French techniques. Please enjoy warm dishes such as scrambled eggs, Spanish omelets, fried eggs with cocotte with these sauces to your liking.

Coffee & Tea

TWG tea selection in Tokyo buffet breakfast

a cup of hot coffee at Tokyo Station restaurant

In addition to mineral water and juice, we have a selection of fragrant coffee and tea. Coffee is prepared with the coffee bean "Columbia in the sky" excellent in balance between acidity and bitterness. Various items such as coffee machines and Nelly drip coffee are available so that you can enjoy as much as you like, whenever you like. We offer various teas from TWG Tea which has established in Singapore with one of the world's leading luxury tea brands, "English breakfast tea". "Earl Grey", "Chamomile", and a selection of other teas are prepared freshly.

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